Our Business Model

SBG-Trade Management helps companies with complex, B2B trading relationships optimize the impact of their sales and marketing investments across the entire demand chain, from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer--and ultimately to the consumer. The value added of SBG is the establishment and enhancement of new and existing contacts among European and Persian or Arabian firms. In that context we support our clients on both sides through the whole process – from the initial contact to the efficient management of business deals. It is in the interest of SBG and the competitive advantage of our brand to establish and promote sustainable business networks and partnerships that generate promising perspectives for future partners, the seller as well as the buyer. That notion is especially true for companies that have no existing business contacts and are eager to improve their networks in Germany as well as the Middle East. Therefore it is SBG`s main purpose to act as a Business Enabler that serves the whole value chain of the import and export business.

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